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Vegas Balloon Rides Employment

Hot Air Balloon Pilot
Salary: Up to $114,000 per Year
Employer conducts background check.
Minimum Education Level: High School Diploma or Equivalent
Minimum Months Experience: 5 Years
Minimum 500 hours experience in large capacity hot air balloons.

Job Description:

Looking for experienced commercial hot air balloon pilot for Vegas Balloon Rides, Las Vegas NV. Minimum 500 hours experience in large capacity hot air balloons. The Pilot is responsible to the operation's manager for the overall supervision of all flying activities in a specific cities operations within the company, including setting up such controls as are necessary to ensure that FAA and company regulations are followed and administering disciplinary action associated with any infractions thereof. More Specifically, in addition to being the first pilot assigned to fly an aircraft on any given day, the Pilot shall be responsible for:

  1. Supervision of all pilots and crew about working conditions, vacations and other personnel-related situations.
  2. Assigning flight duties, such that schedules are provided to pilots in a manner which will permit planning as far in advance as possible, and which will not exceed FAA or company limitations for pilot flight duty time.
  3. Scheduling flights with regard to operational feasibility and crew requirements including the designation of pilot-in-command.
  4. Assessing the ability and qualifications of pilots to meet FAA and company requirements with respect to designated duties.
  5. Providing or establishing such courses of ground school and flight training as are required to maintain pilot competency.
  6. Determining and standardizing all flight and ground procedures, pre-flight checks and emergency procedures, and ensuring that all flight and ground personnel are made aware of the following such procedures.
  7. Ensuring that all crew members are instructed and examined at least once per year on the use of emergency and life-saving equipment and are drilled in emergency procedures for ballooning.
  8. Ensuring current flight time and training records are maintained for all company pilots.
  9. Ensuring flight crew licenses, rating and certificates are obtained and maintained, as required
  10. Maintaining a current information library, including a current copy of the flight manuals and FAR/AIM as well as ensuring the copies of the flight operations guide is always updated and kept printed in each chase vehicles as well.
  11. Organization and safety of any tethered and or/glow events.

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